These clear trays have become a revolution in Orthodontics. Invisalign clear aligners provide an effective way to straighten your teeth while remaining virtually invisible. While wearing these comfortable customized aligners, your teeth will start to gradually shift to the correct position. The Invisalign system offers the patient perfectly straight and the option to improve the overall health of their mouth.

Here is how we would get started:
First we would set up a consultation with you, and discuss if this system is right for you.
IF you have any questions, please feel free to ask anything that may concern you at the time of the consultation. After we discuss your options, we will proceed to x-rays and to the iTero machine to take impressions for treatment. Using the treatment plan, clear aligners are created to custom fit your teeth.
By using the removable trays, you are able to take them out to brush, floss and maintain the hassle of having braces. The full treatment usually lasts about a year. For the best results wear aligners 22-22 hours a day.

• The trays are virtually invisible to the public. Metal braces are very visible and are harder to clean.
• The trays are customized to fit your teeth, eliminating discomfort and irritation.
• The trays allow for no food restrictions, so you can virtually eat anything that you want.
• The trays also did in the prevention of periodontal disease which can stem from misaligned teeth.
• They can also alleviate many issues such as, bite problems, mouth sores, and speaking/chewing  
​   difficulties.

Invisalign® is offered at all three of our locations. Ask how you can get started!

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